Idelco insulation boards


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Hygenic, easy to clean and made with specific aluminium coatings, our I-AGRO+ insulation panels are perfectly suited to all agricultural applications (livestock building and storage warehouses). The lenghts are produced according to your needs (bespoke), with a maximum lenght of 12.65 meters, which guarantees you a minimum of joints. As for assembly, it is made easy and fast using thanks to PVC profiles. On request, lenghts up to 15 meters can be produced (exceptional transport has to be organised).

Technical information

  • Application : Ceiling insulation of livestock buildings and storage facilities

  • Insulation : Polyiso foam (PIR foam)

  • Thermal conductivity : 0.022 W/m.K

  • Facing : Slightly embossed aluminium of 50 micron thick, white lacquered at the visible side and natural at the backside

  • Dimensions : 1200 mm x made to lenght

  • Thicknesses : 40 to 120 mm

  • Interlocking system :
    Straight edges
    Straigth edges with sawcut for white H22 profile
    Shiplapped edges with sawcut for white chair profile

Thicknesses and masses

Thickness (mm) 40 to 120 mm