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  • Founded in 2022, Idelco Insulation NV designs industrial insulation panels for the construction and renovation of industrial, agricultural and individual housing buildings. Subsidiary of the BREMHOVE NV group, managed by Messrs. Joris & Enzo Ide, Idelco Insulation NV makes the BREMHOVE NV group a key player in the insulation market in Europe.
  • With more than 40 years of experience in the insulation market, Idelco Insulation NV benefits from recognized expertise, combined with the know-how of its sister companies – MONOPANEL SAS, manufacturer of steel profiles and sandwich panels, and Idelco UNITS, manufacturer of insulated modular units. Beyond the complementarity of their activities, a unit: polyurethane insulation – a high-performance and highly durable material.
  • Within this respect, Idelco Insulation NV provides individuals and building professionals with a range of insulating panels for all applications: walls/partitions, ceilings/roofs, floors and agricultural constructions. A complete range of solutions, reliable, eco-responsible and benefiting from an excellent quality/price ratio


The world and our societies are changing on a daily basis. Population growth, the management of our resources and the preservation of the planet are at the heart of the issues. At Idelco Insulation, we don’t just reduce our carbon footprint : we make respect for the environment a priority in our industrial development.

For this, we rely on innovation – the fruit of the meeting between passion and audacity. We rely on our experience, on our collective of talents and skills. In this sense, we are working on increasingly transparent and responsible management of our supply chain. We develop ecological materials, which are more and more efficient. And to better meet the demands of tomorrow’s market, we are committed to developing new opportunities, new products, and to seeking innovative and ever more sustainable solutions.

We have the authentic project to write another story. There is the idea of ​​a future to be designed, a desire to share a vision with our customers and partners, a joint view of the world. For today, for tomorrow, for everyone.


  • From the accuracy of calculations, and formulas, from the search for safety over understanding the needs of our customers to the optimization of our processes and the automation of our production, excellence is a founding and lasting value of Idelco Insulation. It is at the heart of the history of our company and of all of us.
  • Over to you, partners : our excellence drives our commitment on a daily basis to offer you solutions adapted to your needs, with precision, efficiency, and as soon as possible.
  • To all, professional and private customers : our excellence guides the advances in research, inspires our development and our desire to design products that are ever more suitable, ever more efficient: acoustics, durability, reduction of energy consumption and well-being in the workplace and in life.


At Idelco Insulation, we place customers and partners at the heart of our priorities. A satisfied customer is a customer with whom we will build a lasting relationship. This is why we establish a solid, responsive and reliable customer service, allowing us to develop relationships of collaboration and trust that promote our mutual success.

A privileged relationship of listening and responsiveness that allows us to understand business developments and offer solutions that are as close as possible to the needs of our customers. The flexibility of our equipment and the synergy of our skills allow us to ensure satisfaction and recognition on a daily basis. Together, let’s become agents of change, today, and for our future generations.

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